Pet Announcements – How to Create and Send a Pet Announcement

More than 71 million U.S. households (Wikipedia) have at least one pet, and most of us feel the same way about our furry (and some not so furry) friends. No question, they’re part of the family. And like any member of our family, we want to tell family and friends about not only their arrival, but all their antics, accomplishments and maddening things that are just plain irresistible to share. Pet announcements or pet ecards are a good way to share this news with family and friends.

So what goes into such an announcement? If it’s a newly adopted pet, be sure to include:

  • The type of pet – cat, dog, parakeet, etc. – and the breed. If it’s a mixed breed, it’s more than OK to say something like “lovable mutt”.
  • Your pet’s name and, if there’s space on your announcement, why you chose that particular name. There are often many stories behind a pet’s name. If you have one, share it.
  • The date you adopted your pet and if it came from a shelter, the name of the shelter. It always helps our other four-legged friends to get noticed. If it’s an online announcement, include a link to the shelter.
  • What made you fall in love with this particular cat, dog, bird etc? With the many cats and dogs available for adoption, what was it about this particular one, that made you fall in love and select him or her?
  • Any other special tidbits family and friends like to hear; for example, how did it behave when you first brought it home? How did family members behave? What were the new things you discovered about its personality once it felt at home, etc?
  • And of course, pictures. Everyone loves pictures of new pets so include plenty and a video, if possible.

If it’s not a newly adopted pet, but just something irresistible to share – such as a new haircut, your dog’s first snow, or your pet just simply caught in the act of being cute or naughty, you don’t need to include a lot of information if you have the right pictures or video. Remember our first pictures of Bo, the Obama family dog? All we wanted to do was see the dog in action.

Once you’ve decided what you want to include in your announcement, there are three ways for actually creating and sending your pet announcement. One is to order a photo pet announcement from printing and photo sharing websites. They often have templates for you to customize your pet announcement and upload photos. The turnaround at most sites is good and you should be able to mail your printed pet announcement within 10 days.

A second way is to use a template from free template sites such as Microsoft. These sites do not have pet announcements per se but you can customize a baby or other announcement template for your pet announcement that you can then mail to family and friends.

A third way is to use a free online announcement or pet ecard site that enables you to create your pet announcement. Look for one that enables you to upload photos and videos and include links (so you can promote your shelter), and, if possible, provides a place for visitor comments so others can join in the fun.

People are endlessly charmed and amused by our pets. No matter what mood we’re in, a cute or funny pet story can transform a mood. So share your stories with family and friends through a pet announcement. They will be glad you did.

Tips For Buying Discount Pet Medications Online

Let’s face it – we spend a lot of money on our pets. They deserve the best care we can provide as members of our family. Veterinary care for pets has advanced significantly in recent years as have medications to prevent disease and parasites, and to stop the pain of arthritis or surgery.

Changes in veterinary care reflect the importance we place on family pets today. For many years dogs were spayed and sent home without any provision for pain. Today, it is routine for your veterinarian to provide Rimadyl for dogs, Metacam or Deramaxx to ease pain and stiffness after surgery or from arthritis.

Pet owners can save a significant amount of money by purchasing pet supplies, supplements and medicines online. Initially, many vets were reluctant to transfer prescriptions for owners wanting to buy pet meds elsewhere. This was mainly due to a fear that the medicine received would not be the quality intended or might be a cheaper imitation that could potentially harm the pet.

Buying pet meds online is now a widely accepted practice. Sites that sell discounted pet medicines now offer to call your veterinarian to obtain your prescription or provide a number for you to fax the prescription to the site administrator. With a few basic precautions, pet owners can feel safe ordering pet meds online. The tips below will ensure you receive the exact medicine your pet needs from a seller you can trust.

Visit your veterinarian

Clearly, if you need prescriptive meds for your dog or cat, you need a checkup and diagnosis before purchasing meds. However, even some non-prescriptive supplements can have side effects so it’s wise to ask your vet’s advice before adding those to your pet’s diet.

Don’t be embarrassed to tell your vet that you will be buying pet meds online. This is a common practice today and saving money is nothing to apologize for. Once he realizes you are carefully budgeting pet costs, your veterinarian may offer alternative or generic medications that can be substituted for high cost brands. It’s definitely worth asking about during your visit. Many sites offering discount pet meds carry both brand and generic versions.

Remember that your veterinarian is the expert on your pet’s health. Follow his pet med recommendations. Asking for a prescription for heartworm prevention medication without testing for heartworm or requesting a prescription for pain relief before your vet diagnoses the cause of the pain is not a safe way to medicate your dog.

Coordinate the transfer of your pet’s prescriptions to the online site.

It is possible that once he understands your need to buy online to save money, your vet may offer to match the online price for the medication. If not, he may be willing to call the prescription in to the site or may give you a name of someone in his office for the website to contact to get the prescription. Many vets will be willing to fax the prescription to the online site for you as well.

Choose an online pet medication site carefully

You cannot safely choose a pet meds provider based only on pricing. Not all pet meds sold online are the real product as the industry has many cheaply imported fakes and outdated products in circulation.

Your best choice is a site that is connected to a practicing veterinarian. When you choose a site owned and operated by a licensed veterinarian, you can be assured the products you buy are exactly what your vet prescribed for your dog or cat.

Don’t Go Overboard When Buying Pet Supplies

When you’re thinking about pet supplies you might wonder how much is too much when it comes to your pet. Depending on what kind of animal you have and their level of activity, you might want to steer clear of certain products or from purchasing too much of these products since they may never be used.

Make sure you have a good idea of your pet’s needs prior to jumping right in and buying. You want to make sure they are happy and taken care of and that you can provide for them without having to go overboard and overwhelming them at the same time.

If you have an older dog who doesn’t seem interested in playing with the toys that you bring home, then don’t bring any more toys home. You want to find out exactly what type of toys your dog prefers before you go overboard with your purchases. Perhaps they like a certain toy, but could do without the others. This will give you a good idea of what you should purchase them and if you should even purchase them at all. Some dog owners shower their pet with toys and they only end up really playing with a couple of them. Many dogs are much more fascinated with the people and activities around them than toys.

You want to ensure that they have adequate bedding and not an extravagant bed fit for a king. Of course, we all love to spoil our pets, but if they have more than you then maybe it is time to slow down what you bring home for them. This is because they do not need all of the luxurious items that you give them. Dogs are perfectly happy with simple items that will not cost you an arm and a leg to buy. Pet supplies can be very expensive at times depending on where you purchase them.

Pet supplies can be purchased inexpensively from many pet outlets over the internet, or through other stores that carry pet products but are not an actual pet store. These might be your best bet at getting the best deals. You want to ensure that you have what you need for them, and maybe some extras, but you don’t need to go crazy. Your pet would much rather have your love and attention than all the fancy toys and gadgets you can buy.

In the final analysis, make sure that you have the type of supplies that will ensure your pet’s comfort and safety. Buy them a good bed, a strong collar and leash for your walks, a couple of toys that they like, and some treats for training and everyday rewards. There are many great pet supply sites online that should be able to meet your every requirement.