Pet Care Online: Building A Useful Pet Care Info Site

Would you have guessed that there are around sixty-eight million dogs in America living in forty million households? Would you believe that nearly thirty billion dollars are spent on pets annually?

Clearly, Americans are animal crazy. There is little we will not do for our beloved pets. We take them with us wherever we can-to the corner store, a café, on a train. We buy them gourmet food, order customized beds for them and dress them in specially made clothing. We are attentive to their every need, making sure they also have top of the line health care.

In many ways, we treat our pets like our children. We shower them with affection and bask in their attention. And when something goes wrong and Spot or Fluffy suddenly falls ill, we do whatever we can to fix it right away.

In turn, it is important for pet owners to have comprehensive and up-to-date information about medical treatments and nutrition available to them 24/7. While it is true that their vets may be their best resource, these vets may not be the most reliable. For example, what happens if your vet is on a lunch break when you call or if the office is closed for the day when Spot gets tangled in a fence?

A website that lists the latest news on vaccines, diets, exercise programs, and emergency animal treatment is priceless. In an emergency situation, the pet’s owner does not have time to spare; answers are needed right away. Logging on to a pet care resource site takes just seconds and it will provide the facts they need immediately.

Owners can also save money by using a pet care site. If one can find a solution to Fluffy’s dry skin problem on the internet, there will be no need to schedule an expensive consultation with a doctor (and Fluffy will be thrilled that she is being spared the stress of an office visit!).

The best pet care websites also offer money saving opportunities. If you are a pet store owner, maybe a local brand of fish food will offer a discount to your viewers, or perhaps you could post a reduced price on dog toys for anyone who comes into your store and mentions your website. Obviously, there are numerous promotional possibilities. All you need is a clever idea and an attractive web presence.

Here are some other examples of what can be included on a resourceful site:

  • Information about pet boarding
  • Information about pet travel and safety
  • Using your pet as protection in your home
  • Common diseases and common cures in household pets
  • Allergies: Human and Animal
  • Grooming techniques (traditional and otherwise)
  • Training techniques for large and small animals
  • Breeder information for dogs, cats, horses, etc.

Having a well designed and informative website is a huge bonus for your clients and you. Whether you run a veterinary service, own a pet store, or at a trendy pet “barkery,” the internet can help you to advertise and expand your customer base. A website shows that you are serious about reaching out to your community and providing helpful information.

Effective Pet Classifieds Advertising Tips

According to Jupiter Research, by 2007, Online Classified Advertising will reach 3.5 Billion Dollars annually. Pet classifieds are expected to triple in numbers every year as more and more Internet users seek classified listings online for their pet needs. Pet and pet services classifieds online are creating new marketplaces where non-profit pet organizations, pet service providers, pet breeders, and pet owners are meeting and doing business 24 hours a day, seven days a week using the internet.

Currently, there are thousands of online websites that offer Pet classifieds services that can help you find new homes for Pets, showcase your pet products or pet services. However, not all of them are effective and you can end up getting nothing out of them. After being extremely successful running a Pet classifieds website for over two years, we know what works and what does not.

With online Pet classifieds, the more information you provide the better it is. People who are serious about pets have already done their research before making a decision to adopt or buy a pet. Most people looking for pets know exactly what type of pet would be a good fit for them. Information you include in your pet classifieds description can help them make decision quicker. As an example, keep your ad title very specific. For example, if you have a Golden retriever that you like to advertise in Pet classifieds, use titles such as:

  • Golden Retriever For Sale or Adoption
  • Golden Retriever for Sale or Adoption in Miami, FL
  • Six Months Old Golden Retriever For Sale or Adoption

Post a Picture Of Your Pet

Pictures talk more than words. Pet classifieds with pictures receive approximately 5 times more responses than classifieds without a photo. People interested in your pet will almost always ask for pictures of the pet before making a decision. Always, keep extra pictures of your pet ready.

Your location information

The first preference of anyone looking for pets would be from the region close to them. So always provide the location of your pet. This also helps to bring your pet ad rank higher when someone searches on a specific location; thus giving your ad more exposure.

Shipping Information

Advantage with online Pet classifieds is that they get people interested in your pet or pet product from coat-to-coast. So be very clear if you would be able to ship the pet or if it is a local pickup only. If you ship, be specific about your shipping policies.

Choose Pet classified sites that can get results

Today, there are millions of classifieds sites where you can advertise your available Pets, Pet Services or Pet Products. In fact, as of writing of this article, Google returns more than 29 Million links for a search on the keyword “Pet Classifieds”. Visit and enter keyword “Pet Classifieds” to check for yourself.

According to the Search engine statistics, most people do not go beyond 3 pages to find what they are looking for. In fact, majority of people don’t go beyond the first page of search result. What does that mean to you? It means, you should only advertise your on websites that ranks high on the three major search engine that drives more than 80% of Internet traffic. These search engines are Google, Yahoo and MSN in no particular order. The sites that rank high on these Search engines can provide a wider exposure to reach highly potential people who can purchase or adopt pets, pet services and pet products. Your return on investment is much greater and faster by advertising on sites that rank high.

Beware of Online Classifieds Scams

While online Pet classifieds offers the most cost effective and convenient ways of advertising your Pets, Pet Products and Pet Services,
it also attracts more and more scammers who pose as potential buyers. Always remember that not all inquiries you receive are from the
legitimate buyers who are interested in what you offer. Always be careful online, especially if the transaction is long distance.
For more information on Online Pet Classifieds and how you can protect yourself from such scams, read our Scam Alert.

Pet Social Networking Websites: A Popular Platform To Connect To Animal Lovers

According to the reports of the American Pet Products Association, the amount of money spent by Americans on pet sitting, food, supplies, grooming, boarding and veterinary care of pets have increased by 5.4% ($45.5 billion) in 2009. A further increase of 5% is expected in 2010. With the growing popularity of the Internet, it is estimated that there are nearly 60 million dog owners active online. This growing online population has led to the popularity of pet social networking websites.

These websites are solely devoted to pets and their owners. Their main purpose is to promote the welfare of animals. These social networking websites enable pet owners to create an online presence, which is entirely focused on their pets. These sites are very educational and interactive. These websites offer a platform for pet lovers to interact and share information about their pets.

Pet Social Networking: Things to Know

Pet social networking websites have hundreds of members. Most of these websites offer free membership. However, not all these sites are free to join. Facebook requires you to make a payment of $19.99 to use additional features for your pet.

The social networking sites for pets allow you to take part in several fun and interesting activities, such as:

Profile Creation for Your Pet

These websites allow you to create a unique profile for your pet. You can upload albums, videos and share pictures of your loyal friend. You can create an interesting personality for your pet. Online fame will follow as other pet owners vie to add you as their online friend. This will enable you to connect to other animal lovers. Also, you can take part in several online contests and win prizes.

Animal Adoption

There are numerous abandoned animals in need of a good home. In case you are an animal lover, you may want to adopt such animals with the help of the pet social networking websites. These websites have a separate segment dedicated to the adoption of pets. All you need to do is enter the breed reference, gender, age and size. You will be provided with a list of possible prospects, from which you can choose the most suitable one.